Progress Review of BIWRMD Project

The Progress Review Meeting held in PMU’s Committee Room on.15-06-2021. The meeting was chaired by the worthy Secretary, Irrigation Department and attended by the high-ups of the PSIAC. The contractors working on various ongoing civil works contracts under the Project were also invited to share the issues and problems which, in their opinion, were potentially hindering the smooth implementation process on their respective schemes. Healthy discussions were held in a friendly atmosphere and decisions were made on the spot to expedite the pace of progress but without compromising the quality. The minutes of the meeting were also recorded and circulated amongst the participants for follow up on agreed actions.

Project Coordination Meeting

The BIWRMD project team including team members from the project management unit and project implementation units of the Nari and Porali river basins participated in a project coordination meeting on October 30th. The team discussed the project implementation status, planning, processes and roles and responsibilities. The deputy project directors of the Nari and Porali river basins, Sikander Zehri and Shafi Muhammed Mengal, comprehensively discussed the implementation status, processes, challenges and way forward. The components’ focal person delivered presentations regarding the work plans and provided feedback on the implementation process. The interactive discussion, largely on irrigation, agriculture, forest, matching grants, social and environmental safeguards and gender based activities clarified the processes and the upcoming activities. The project director, Abdul Hameed Mengal responded to the queries by the PIU and PIU team members.

IDA-WBG Implementation Support Mission Visits PMU


The Mission of International Development Association of the World Bank Group (IDA-WBG) comprising Senior Water Resource Specialist, Sheikh Javed Ahmed; Environmental Specialist, Ms. Rahat Jabeen and Social Safeguards Specialist, Ms. Najam-us-Sahar reviewed the implementation status of the project activities with the PMU team on October 24-25, with reference to the actions agreed during the last Mission of August 2017. The participants discussed the implementation arrangements, challenges, opportunities, solutions and way forward. The specialists and the team briefed the Mission regarding the status of their areas and discussed the challenges and progress. The matching grants, social safeguards and environmental specialists and monitoring and evaluation specialist delivered presentations on the status of their components’ progress and discussed processes, challenges and upcoming activities with their counterparts in IDA. The Mission and project management provided component specific feedback. The Mission emphasized the need for expediting the pace of project implementation, through short team work planning to enable a decisive breakthrough in project implementation, while ensuring quality standards.