Consultation meeting held with Community elders of Sehan Lorlai, chaired by P.D BIWRMDP Engineer. Barkat Ullah Kakar.

Project Director BIWRMDP Engineer. Barkat Ullah Kakar called upon a consultation meeting with the community elders of Sehan District Lorlai in the PMU office Quetta. In the meeting Engineer Barkat Ullah Kakar welcomed the community elders and said that In this project the role of the community participation is crucial as it helps in the identification of problems and solutions, decision-making, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of water resources management plans. Adding more , P.D said that the community can also help in the development of policies that are more responsive to their needs and priorities. He appreciated the optimistic and progressive role of the Sehan Community elders in informing the gaps, success and other related futuristic ideas that will pave the way in implementing the development work in a more adroit manner. He assured to the community elders that the project related ongoing development work if completed will bring a positive change in the community driven projects and water savage. Community elders also apricated the pragmatic role of the BIWRMDP, but requested for expedition of early completion of the ongoing and new projects. Concluding the meeting Engineer. Barkat Ullah Kakar thanked the community elders having meeting and showing their zeal and commitment in the project related activities. He assured that all of their concerns will be addressed.

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