Gender Mainstreaming Initiated


The BIWRMDP Gender Specialist, Ms Sara Khan initiated the project’s field based gender activities by delivering a gender orientation session to the 29 women participants of the Bakhra Ghulam Bolak scheme site, in the Nari river basin, in district Sibbi. Gender Specialist emphasized on the need for involvement and engagement of women in the project activities, while stressing mainstreaming of the largely vulnerable women in the socio-economic domains. She highlighted the pivotal role of women in successful implementation of the project’s activities. The Specialist assessed the gender specific needs, capabilities and opportunities for the women in the project, including in the matching grants. She also explained the structure of Farmers’ Organization and its role in project implementation. The women expressed the need for the provision of livestock through matching grants, because they lacked sufficient land for agriculture, and could easily manage livestock care in homes along with managing of household responsibilities.

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