The WBG’S IDA Mission Visits Nari Gorge, District Sibbi


The World Bank Group’s IDA Implementation Support Mission, BIWRMD Project Management Unit (PMU), Quetta and Project Implementation Unit (PIU) Sibbi teams, along with the officials of the District Government, Sibbi, visited the Nari Gorge and Sibbi District on May 19-20, 2017, as part of their implementation support visit to the project scheme areas. The project and mission teams participated in meetings with the Additional Commissioner Sibbi, officials of the District Government, Sibbi and community members. They also visited the Nari Gorge Head Works Canal System. The team visited the water courses and channels in the Luni and Khajjak villages in the Nari Gorge command area and Mushkaf Spate Irrigation Scheme. The visit received wide news coverage in the local newspapers.

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