Weekly Progress Review Meeting with Techno consult International Firm.

Weekly progress review meeting was held with the Techno Consult International pvt.ltd. In the meeting detailed and comprehensive deliberations related to the progress review and the feasibility report of improvement of Quetta Water Supply System for preparation of Balochistan water Security and productivity improvement project has been discussed . The concerned firm The Techno International team has briefed about the details and said that this project have the scope to develop a detailed Master Plan for Quetta city water supply and sanitation system, along with projected communes and water demand in 2037. In addition, to conduct a study in various zones of Quetta, hydro geological, environmental, social aspects with exceptional categorization each water supply am sanitation. Alongside, To carry out an investigation detailing the best climate adoptive techniques of water use and its effective operation with applicable refuse water recycling methodologies. The chair of the Meeting urged the firm to make the feasibility in linking all the relevant set targets. The meeting attended by PD BIWRMDP Eng. Barkat Ullah Kakar, CEO Q-WASA Hamid Latif Rana and other concerned officials along with the head of Techno Dr. Lakani attended the meeting.

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