Provincial Secretary Irrigation visited BIWRMDP schemes at Nari Basin , Sibi.

Provincial Secretary Irrigation Mr. Abdul Fateh Bhangar made a comprehensive and thorough infield inspection of all the ongoing, new and completed projects under the Balochistan Integrated Water Resources Management and Development Project, at Nari Basin. Secretary appreciated the team work of BIWRDMP in project supervision and maintaining standard.
Sibi, Kachii (9th May, 2023): Provincial Secretary Irrigation Mr. Abdul Fateh Bhangar conducted a comprehensive and detailed inspection of all the ongoing, new and completed schemes under the Balochistan Integrated Water Resources Management and Development Project. In the visit the Project Director of BIWRDMP Engineer Barkat Ullah Kakar along with Deputy Project Director Nari Basin Engineer Anush Khan Mulghani, Deputy Director Environment Mr. Abdul Jabbar Kakar, Deputy Director Agriculture Mr. Farid Ahmed Zehri, PSIA Team Leader Mr. Niaz Ahmed Baloch, Team lead M&E firm Dr. Faiz Kakar, Chief Designing Engineer Eng. Shoaib Khan, Communication Specialist Mr.Saeed Yousuf along with all inline departments relevant officials and stakeholders were accompanied with the secretary.
Speaking on the occasion the Secretary Irrigation Department reiterated that project has long lasting impact in Balochistan if it’s all ongoing projects shall be completed on a fast track basis. He said that as he been briefed about the project interventions and the overall integrated water management he said that under this project stakeholders are given a voice in water planning and its management most specifically the women that is one of the positive aspect of the project. The project related schemes have broader social, economic and environmental goals.
He said that water is the only basic of survival and proper planning along with an appropriate modern need policy shall be taken in accord to the coming schemes and projects of irrigation department. He said efforts related to water conservation, climate resilience and population need and demand basis shall be taken in accord. Adding more Fathe Banger said that completed water supply for safe and drinking water projects have a great impact. He said that the project of underground water from Nariguage to the Sibi City shall be completed on urgent basis.
While giving a thorough briefing by the PD BIWRDMP Eng.Barkat Ullah Kakar and DPD Eng. Anoosh Khan Malghani said that a number of projects at different locations are underway for the supply of clean water. They said that an 11 kilometer long underground drinking water channel is under construction that will provide water to Sibi and its adjoin areas. Secretary also visited agriculture water distribution channels, other irrigation and clean drinking water schemes, forestry and wildlife schemes. He said that levelling of barren land, provision of water channels, plantation and vegetation have long lasting effects

One week gap identification of B-WASA conducted under the supervision of World Bank through BIWRDMP

Secretary PHE Mr. Saleh Mohammad Baloch attended the closing ceremony of one week gap identification of B-WASA under Utility of Future Ignition Week 100 day action plan conducted under the supervision of World Bank through BIWRDMP. Senior Water Specialist and Team lead BIWRDMP Mr. Yoro Sidibi and Project Director BIWRMDP Engineer Barkat Ullah Kakar attended the event.

ACS(P&D) Hafiz Abdul Basit meeting the World Bank team led by Mr.Yoro Sidibe

A meeting was called upon by Additional Chief Secretary (Planning & Development) Hafiz Abdul Basit of BIRMDP. World Bank Senior Water Specialist and Team task leader of BIWRDMP Mr. Yoro Sidibi along with the Project Director Engineer. Barkat Ullah Kakar and other. In the meeting details and progress of the project were shared in a presentation. The Additional Chief Secretary (P&D) expressed his satisfaction to the overall project activities and intended his full support to the project endeavors along with show his gratitude to the World Bank on behalf of Government of Balochistan in rendering excellent services and support in bring ease to the lives of common men in all development related activities. While speaking with the ACS the World Bank Senior Water Specialist and Team task leader of BIWRDMP Mr. Yoro Sidibi thank ACS ( P&D) and Government of Balochistan in patronizing the World Bank efforts , and urged that the support of uplifting of the marginalized communities shall continue. Moreover, Mr. Yoro Sidibi disclosed that the World Bank will soon be starting another project in financing to improve livelihoods and essential services and enhance risk protection in communities affected by the 2022 floods with the support of Government of Balochistan to patronage the affected communities by providing livelihood assistance and rehabilitating irrigation and flood protection infrastructures. He said that this project The Integrated Flood Resilience and Adaptation Project (IFRAP) will provide housing reconstruction grants to homeowners to rebuild their homes following resilience standards and livelihood grants to smallholder farmers to support livestock, promote climate-smart agriculture and other productive activities. It will also help restore essential services by rehabilitating damaged community infrastructure and facilities such as water supply, irrigation, roads, and community facilities.

World Bank Team, Led by Team Leader BIWRDMP/ Senior Water Specialist Mr. Yoro Sidibe meeting Provincial Secretary to the Irrigation Department Mr. Abdul Fateh Bhanger.

Provincial Secretary Irrigation Abdul Fateh Bhangar called upon a meeting with the World Bank team which was led by Team task leader for Balochistan Integrated water Resources Development and Management Project Mr. Yoro Sidibe. The Secretary was briefed by the project ongoing activities and the futuristic plan was discussed by the Team Lead and the Project Director of BIWRDMP Engineer. Barkat Ullah Kakar. Secretary applauded the efforts of the BIWRDMP team and said that the development work of the remaining schemes under the project shall be completed in a robust manner without compromising the quality. While assuring the team said all efforts will be made to complete the assigned activities within the timeframe.
The Secretary Irrigation was informed by the team Mr. Yoro Sidibe that the World Bank have in plan of starting another project of flood rehabilitation and reconstruction, with the scope of supporting the Government of Balochistan and the provision of an economic opportunity to the affected communities while ensuring social inclusion and participation. He said that this project will further strengthen institutional capacity in terms of preparedness and response to the future disasters. He said that World Bank is very well aware of the devastation and the loss which was caused by the last year havoc floods.
On this occasion, Secretary Irrigation Mr. Abdul Fateh Bhangar showed his appreciativeness to the World Bank team and their enduring efforts for making the BIWRDMP a successful project. He applauded the efforts of development partners but most specifically the World Bank in providing financial and technical assistance in uplifting various projects of the social and development sector. He expressed the hope that these efforts shall continue in the future.