ACS(P&D) Hafiz Abdul Basit meeting the World Bank team led by Mr.Yoro Sidibe

A meeting was called upon by Additional Chief Secretary (Planning & Development) Hafiz Abdul Basit of BIRMDP. World Bank Senior Water Specialist and Team task leader of BIWRDMP Mr. Yoro Sidibi along with the Project Director Engineer. Barkat Ullah Kakar and other. In the meeting details and progress of the project were shared in a presentation. The Additional Chief Secretary (P&D) expressed his satisfaction to the overall project activities and intended his full support to the project endeavors along with show his gratitude to the World Bank on behalf of Government of Balochistan in rendering excellent services and support in bring ease to the lives of common men in all development related activities. While speaking with the ACS the World Bank Senior Water Specialist and Team task leader of BIWRDMP Mr. Yoro Sidibi thank ACS ( P&D) and Government of Balochistan in patronizing the World Bank efforts , and urged that the support of uplifting of the marginalized communities shall continue. Moreover, Mr. Yoro Sidibi disclosed that the World Bank will soon be starting another project in financing to improve livelihoods and essential services and enhance risk protection in communities affected by the 2022 floods with the support of Government of Balochistan to patronage the affected communities by providing livelihood assistance and rehabilitating irrigation and flood protection infrastructures. He said that this project The Integrated Flood Resilience and Adaptation Project (IFRAP) will provide housing reconstruction grants to homeowners to rebuild their homes following resilience standards and livelihood grants to smallholder farmers to support livestock, promote climate-smart agriculture and other productive activities. It will also help restore essential services by rehabilitating damaged community infrastructure and facilities such as water supply, irrigation, roads, and community facilities.

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